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Title:VIPLib WorkShop
Start Date: 2006
Status:completed, active and operative
SectorImage/Video Processing
PlatformWindows32, .NET Unmanaged C++
Employer:Thesis, University of Trento
Abstract: VIPLib WorkShop is a great tool for testing and using VIPLib components, main features are: Multiple Document Interface Load images (common formats: BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, ..) Load MPEG4 movies (XVID) Grap frames from live devices in VIPLib format (with vipDirectXInput) Preview, capture to uncompressed formats, grab frames from live devices (with vipDirectXInput2) Visualization Window (GDI+) Dynamic PlugIn system Manage many stream (frames) graphs Smart Exceptions Managment
Tags:VIPLib, programming

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