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Title:VIPLib PAckage Studio
Start Date: 2006
Status:completed, active and operative
SectorImage/Video Processing
Employer:Thesis, University of Trento
PlatformWindows32, .NET C++
Abstract: A great tool for generating package's source and project files to develope VIPLib extensions (filters, codecs, inputs, outputs, ..). Package Studio is a free software designed to help developers while creating a new package for VIPLib project. You may do it by yourself but this way is really faster and easier. A package is an extension of VIPLib based on classic interfaces (Input, Output, Filter, ..), it's a C++ class which implements a well known list of function (through inheritance and composition). You really need to download VIPLib SDK first (or better you should connect to our Subversion service, anyway go to download section in VIPLib website), then you may install Package Studio and start working. Package Studio is very friendly and easy, you just need to fill first tab of Generation Wizard and it's done!
Tags:VIPLib, programming

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