WSNWARE: summary

Title:Wireless Sensor Network Middleware
Start Date: 2010
Join Date: 2010
Status:Project is still active
SectorWireless Sensor Network
PlatformTinyOS, Java, OsGi
Employer:University of Trento, DISI, ELEDIA
Position:Design and Implementation
Abstract: WSNWARE is an open source Java/OSGi middleware, designed for monitoring, controlling and standardizing Wireless Sensor Networks. The selected approach is a normalized message oriented middleware, messages are transformed by incoming/outgoing adapters, which are specific to the application (as RAW packet is). The project aims to provide a standardized access and representation of the network, its nodes and equipment (i.e. sensors). It comes with a set of tools and components which enable rapid development (i.e. create GUI, applets, web services, REST services) and easily bind to new modules. The OSGI framework has been selected as container for WSNWARE modules, although the library and most of the components are designed as POJO and may be easily integrate in standalone (non-OSGI) contexts. WSNWARE provides a set of bundles which can be used by developers for developing high-level WSN applications in RAD style, improved by OSGi modularization and management.
Tags:wireless sensor network, middleware, osgi

WSNWARE: resources

Filetype: PNG WSNWARE.CHARTS.MessageFieldChart.0.png 6.8 Kb 2012-11-09 01:04
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Filetype: PNG WSNWARE.IDE.NetworkChart.0.png 20.2 Kb 2012-11-09 01:04
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Filetype: PDF WSNWARE.Overview.pdf 180.4 Kb 2012-11-09 00:57
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