VELA: summary

Title:Vodafone Eledia pLAnning tool
Start Date: 2009
Join Date: 2011
Status:Project is still active
SectorCellular Network Plannning, Evolutionary Optimization
PlatformWindows, Java, .NET VB, C++, C, Fortrain
Employer:University of Trento, DISI, ELEDIA
Position:Senior developer
Abstract: VELA (Vodafone Eledia pLAnning tool) consists in a toolchain (cooperating with FORSK ATOLL) designed to automate and optimize the planning of UMTS transmitters (such as power, azimuth, ..), VELA project has been started on 2010 in collaboration with VODAFONE. Most important archived goals for this activity are: - global restyling/rewriting of tools and source code, added documentation, logging, monitoring, INI configuration - ATOLL interaction rewritten as standalone tool (from VBS to VB.NET and COM) - IPC redesign (how tools interact), now using Apache ANT technology - added Java based UI (with live configuration and constraints editing, process and fitness monitoring, debugging) - added new features (most relevant are: more options, transmitters filtering, custom constraints, output PDF report) - added new evolutionary optimizer (Genetic Algorithm with dynamic chromosome length, twin removal, multiple selection and crossover methods)
Tags:mobile, optimization

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