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Start Date:3 October 2003
PlatformWindows32, Borland C++
Abstract: IPDetective is a networking tool. This project was started many years, aborted because of few time to dedicate and low interest both. Most of source is not writted, but GUI is most complete. It's writted in C++ and compiled with Borland C++ Builder 6.0. The nice feature of this software is that it can load dynamically services' DLL. So the main application doesn't not contain static software to perform a ping for example, but when user load the Ping TabSheet, IPDetective loads dynamically the relative service DLL. The class ServiceDLL (services/services.h) load and manage DLLs. Managing services in this way is quite smart and very common and more complex in big application (and obvius in Operative System), the first conseguence is that any developed can write or update a single service without knowing anything about main application desing, but just writeing the "low-level" code to perform the service and link parameters and results to the base DLL Class. Anyway, Ping is running (lame version) and finger too.. i think :) Some other commands and sub-systems are running too, look around in the application for them. I think that this source can be useful to understand basics of complex application design, obviusly this application is quite simple but it's a demostration of plug-ins' Theory. [The system of dll managment is full implemented and running.] I don't suggest to complete or update this project, consider it as a sample application.
Tags:windows, networking

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