Here are listed some articles and documents i have written. Many are really out of date or really simple but they are there for historic purpose. Articles are published under CC License (by-nc).
See also projects, work experiences, skills.


CodeName:EVoKE (leggi altro..)
Title:Study and development of an innovative 2G/3G/4G wireless network analysis tool
Released:31 October 2012
Sector2G/3G Mobile Network, Anomaly Detection
PlatformWindows, .NET C# 4.0, SQL
Language:en-US en-US
Abstract: The Presentation of my Master Thesis, regarding EVoKE project: an anomaly detection system for Vodafone cellular network.
Tags:cellular, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, thesis
CodeName:sadder4 (leggi altro..)
Title:VHDL Serial Adder (4bit)
Released:9 November 2003
SectorDigital Systems
PlatformVHDL, Xilinx WebPack
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Esercizio di Elettronica dei Sistemi Digitali 2, addizionatore seriale a 4 bit in VHDL.
Tags:xilinx, vhdl
CodeName:xilinx (leggi altro..)
Title:Xilinx Webpack and MidelSim Overview
Released:9 November 2003
SectorDigital Systems
PlatformVHDL, Xilinx WebPack
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Introduzione all'uso di Xilinx Webpack e MidelSim per la creazione di sistemi elettronici digitali (liguaggio VHDL).
Tags:xilinx, vhdl
CodeName:dshow-capture-graph (leggi altro..)
Title:DirectShow Capture Graph Overview (RAW vs. MPEG2)
Released:22 November 2005
SectorProgramming, Video Processing
PlatformWindows, DirectX
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: This paper focuses on the different approaches to RAW versus MPEG2 capture device with DirectShow (DirectX). First are listed main differences between RAW (classic) and MPEG2 (hardware encoded) capture devices, then are presented some common DirectShow graphs also for live preview while capturing.
Tags:directx, windows
CodeName:vdge (leggi altro..)
Title:Visual Dynamic Gallery Engine
Released:30 July 2008
SectorWeb, multimedia
Language:en-GB en-GB
Abstract: A short article (and code) about an interesting engine for displaying and grouping pictures online (no human interaction).
Tags:programming, web
CodeName:cvs_tutorial (leggi altro..)
Title:CVS in Practice
Released:3 April 2006
SectorTeamWork, Collaboration, Programming
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Concurrent Versions System Tutorial A short presentation about CVS, basic concepts and how to setup a repository. I hope someday this document will be updated.
CodeName:win2ksec (leggi altro..)
Title:Windows 2000 Professional Installed and Secured
Released:15 October 2003
PlatformWindows 2000
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Guida all'installazione e alla sicurezza di Windows 2000 Professional
Tags:security, windows
CodeName:asp_tut (leggi altro..)
Title:ASP.NET e MYSQL (ADO) Tutorial
Released:25 October 2003
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Introduzione alla creazione di siti dinamici con ASP e MySQL.
Tags:programming, windows
CodeName:assembler (leggi altro..)
Title:Assembler Tutorial
Released:1 December 1999
SectorProgramming, Assembler
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Questo documento spiega brevemente e sommariamente la basi dell'Assembler x86.
Tags:programming, assembler
CodeName:echelon (leggi altro..)
Title:Echelon Security Bullettin
Released:1 October 2001
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Breve bollettino sull'esistenza e le capacità della rete Echelon.
Tags:internet, security
CodeName:privacy (leggi altro..)
Title:Indroduzione base sulla Privacy
Released:1 May 1999
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Breve introduzione riguardo la privacy su Internet, per utenti inesperti.
Tags:internet, privacy
CodeName:anonymail (leggi altro..)
Title:Anonymous Mail Tutorial
Released:11 December 2000
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Guida sulla privacy delle email, sughli headers e come usare i Remailers.
Tags:internet, privacy
CodeName:webpromo (leggi altro..)
Title:Promozione di siti sui motori di ricerca
Released:6 February 2004
Language:it-IT it-IT
Abstract: Questo articolo vuole aiutare i webmaster che non hanno un budget per la promozione del loro sito.
Tags:webmastering, privacy
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