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Italian school

en-GB Filetype: PDF italian_university_system.pdf PDF, 88kb 2008-05-22 01:38 Brief on the Italian University System
it-IT Filetype: PDF istat_titoli_studio_italiani.pdf PDF, 225kb 2008-05-22 01:38 Classificazione Istat dei titoli di studio italiani

Europass resources

Filetype: ZIP ZIP, 321kb 2012-11-13 20:17 some XML Stylesheet for Europass
Filetype: ZIP ZIP, 331kb 2012-11-13 20:17 some XML Stylesheet for Europass V.2.0

XSL stylesheets

Filetype: XSL skills.xsl XSL, 19kb 2012-11-13 20:13 renders Skills of CV
Filetype: XSL work.xsl XSL, 15kb 2012-11-13 20:13 renders Work of CV
Filetype: XSL lab.xsl XSL, 17kb 2012-11-13 20:24 renders lab.xml
Filetype: XSL lab.meta.xsl XSL, 3kb 2012-11-09 00:20 extracts META tags from lab.xml
Filetype: XSL lab.links.xsl XSL, 3kb 2012-11-09 00:20 extracts Links from lab.xml
Filetype: XSL music.album.xsl XSL, 9kb 2012-11-09 00:20 extracts albums from albums.xml
Filetype: XSL music.toptracks.xsl XSL, 3kb 2012-11-09 00:20 extracts top-tracks from albums.xml

website stuff

Filetype: htaccess htaccess HTACCESS, 5kb 2009-01-17 00:28 Apache HtAccess configuration,
nice example of URL Rewriting
Filetype: TXT robots.txt TXT, 1kb 2008-12-15 08:54 Settings for web crawlers

common tools

Filetype: EXE putty.exe EXE, 473kb 2012-11-13 20:16 PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client for Windows
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