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This website have been designed to be as accessible as possible. By separating the content from the presentation using CSS and XHTML it will enable a wide range of computing platforms to access the site and ultimately be device independent.

Developed on Linux Debian Etch with gEdit, designed for Gecko browser Engine (such as Iceweasel, Firefox).

The website validates to W3C published CSS and XHTML 1.0 guidelines and passes Level Double-A of the W3C-WAI Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.
Each page or resource of this Website is accessible within 3 clicks from home page.

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Any CSS standards compliant browser will display the site as intended. The site should render in older browsers but results - whilst still remaining usable - may vary.

The site has been tested on PC and Macintosh platforms using the following browsers:

  • PC - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7; Netscape 7; Opera 7; Mozilla; Safari; Lynx;
  • Macintosh - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6; Mozilla; Safari; Camino;

Users of older computers may wish to consider Opera as a standards compliant browser requiring minimal resources, supporting a wide range of platforms.

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AlessandroPolo.name has been authored and is currently maintained by Alessandro Polo.

AP Design


I have been working on websites and Internet-related standards for many years, this website is deeply based on XML datasources, using PHP and XSLT for rendering (with some workarounds because of Sablotron/PHP/DOM version).
Layout generation is driven by a custom CMS engine I built: SECMS2.
Blog and picture Gallery engine have been developed ad hoc from scratch. While Blog Engine is very simple and customized on my requirements, picture Gallery is a new interesting approach to images' grouping/rendering.
Website offers also RSS2.0 feeds (generated with RSS Feed Generator and XSLT) and XML Sitemap (google format).

open source

Some parts of this website are released as open source (Creative Common License) and they are available for download at /extras

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